Academic Tools

The following academic tools assist students with integral parts of semester planning, organization and registration.

  • Degree Navigator - This online tool allows students to check on their progress towards degree completion. This tool shows students their progress towards both Rutgers core requirements, if applicable, and major/minor requirements. It is still important for students to check in with their academic advisors to confirm they're on track to graduate.
  • Course Schedule Planner - This online tool allows students, prior to registration, to log onto a website which mirrors Webreg and allows them to select sections and design different schedules. After creating a schedule up to par with their preferences, students are able to save this schedule. On their assigned date for registration, students can log back onto Course Schedule Planner, go to their saved schedule, and at the bottom of the schedule press register and the system will register them for those courses and sections they have chose. This is assuming all courses/sections are still open.
  • Webreg - This is the online registration website that students use to register for classes. Every semester, students are emailed a registration table with dates in which they can register for classes based on the number of credits completed. There is also an add/drop period at the beginning of each semester where students can make additional changes to their schedules.
  • Course Sniper - This online tool allows students who were not able to get the course or section of their preference, to sign up to receive an alert when a spot opens up in the course. This gives students the advantage of knowing exactly when to log back into Webreg and attempt to register for their desired course/section.