Bunting Program

The Bunting Program supports non-traditional women students at Rutgers-New Brunswick.

Douglass recognizes that mature women students require different kinds of support and guidance than traditional aged students. The Mary I. Bunting Program was established in 1958 by Mary I. Bunting, the Dean of Douglass at that time, to recognize the needs of women who wish to complete college, either part-time or full-time, later in their lives and careers. To this end, the Bunting Program recognizes the time constraints and other needs of non-traditional students. The program, which is a part of Douglass Residential College, provides individualized mentoring on top of the advising students receive through their Rutgers undergraduate schools.

Benefits of the Mary I. Bunting Program:

  • A dedicated lounge in the Douglass Campus Center. The lounge serves as a comfortable “home base” where students can study, meet other Bunting students, and relax between classes;
  • A community of women who share common experiences and information;
  • Dedicated scholarships for mature women students;
  • Mentoring, career planning, and personal support that focuses on adult women’s lifestyles and needs;
  • Specialized programs designed for non-traditional age women students that focus on opportunities and possibilities for the future;
  • A Bunting peer advisor to assist students over email, phone or in person with their transition to Rutgers;
  • The Sophia Club, an organization run for and by Bunting students;
  • The Sophia House, 12-month housing designated specifically for Bunting women who wish to live on campus. The Sophia House offers single rooms, a shared kitchen, living rooms, and bathrooms, and a warm, supportive community.

For more information, visit their website.