All Rutgers-New Brunswick undergraduate students are allowed to bring their dependents on campus. However, the parent or guardian has full responsibility for the child(ren) at all times. Children under the age of 18 must always be accompanied by an adult.

Common Study Areas:

Located in Milledoler Hall 121, the Office of Transfer and Non-Traditional Students (OTNTS) is an advocating and coordinating unit, along with Douglass Residential College, that supports adults, students with children, and other non-traditional students on the New Brunswick campus. Formerly University College, OTNTS is …

The Lactation Project, created and operated by Registered Nurses (RN) at Rutgers University – New Brunswick, was designed to provide a private, clean space for Rutgers students, staff and faculty to breast feed/pump breast milk for the purpose of feeding their child(ren).

No forms or paperwork will be necessary to complete, however please make sure to bring a valid RUID.

The Project is available at the following locations:…